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Most regular stores sell personal care products and grocery items in disposable packaging. We are told we can recycle these items, but that's not completely true. Only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. Refill stores help you eliminate disposable packaging by refilling your containers over and over again.

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A Drop in the Ocean offers closed-loop shipping across the continental U.S. For your first order, you will receive a new-to-you jar/bottle. When you're ready for more, order a refill bottle/jar. Your new order will come with a prepaid shipping label so you can return your empties in the box you just got at no cost to you!

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The Refillery Collective helps aspiring and current refill store owners grow their business. Join a free supportive community of refill store owners who are excited to connect with you. Become a member to get exclusive access to webinars and resources. Or connect with a mentor to help you move forward!

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